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Salon Fittings and Wig Consultation Service


If you know what you would like, you can simply buy your wig online from us and arrange an appointment with our specialist  to have it trimmed or styled, as you prefer. You can even bring in an old wig to match to, giving you complete confidence that you will have the perfect look.

All our wigs online are great styles, well made and at fantastic cheap prices. But like all things sometimes the off the shelf doesn’t quite fit or you deserve something a bit more unique. That’s where our consultation works comes in.

Call: 714-730-1998 to book an appointment.

We can style any of our wigs into a style to suit your face or to match your own hairstyle. We also offer a wide range of bespoke, monofilament wigs and hairpieces with super soft touch for maximum comfort for those with sensitive scalps or who wear wigs and hairpieces for long periods of time.

If you would like to talk to us about what type of wig would suit you best, or to have a wig styled to your requirements please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and arrange a consultation.

We will talk to you about what you need from your hairpiece – whether it is a medical or personal reason, he is happy to advise and help you choose the perfect type of hairpiece.

You will then choose the hairstyle and colour most suited to you. Again we are happy to help, to create a near perfect match to your hair, or help you to be bold and create a statement!

Our specialist has experience in styling wigs for both Ladies and Gentlemen, especially hairpieces for receding hairlines to allow the wearer to have a full and active lifestyle.


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